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It's the return of meal planning posts. :)

Sunday the 5th: salad

Monday the 6th: Labor Day - hamburgers (sans buns for me), hot German potato salad (sans bacon in honor of the vegeterian guest), fruit salad

Tuesday the 7th: tacos! Flour tortillas for Jeff, corn for me and Val

Wednesday the 8th: pasta and red sauce (we've been eating Tinkyada penne lately, which I ordered a case of from Amazon)

Thursday the 9th: Sunday breakfast: scrambled eggs, sausage, roasted potatoes

Friday the 10th through Sunday the 12th: camping! Which needs its own post.

Sunday: Sunday breakfast again

Monday: salad

Tuesday: goulash (more or less, the original recipe has long since morphed), dumplings for thems that can (I tried dumplings with non-gluten flours once, and they were... ok. I need to try again) and a baked potato for me (I'm lucky among the gluten-intolerant; I can handle it, as far as I can tell, all day long. No rash, no lizard skin.)

Wednesday: salad and garlic toast (for me, Ener-g Tapioca Bread, which makes killer garlic toast. It's not bad overall, as long as it's toasted. About $3.50 for 16 ounces at my co-op)

Thursday: leftover goulash and grilled cheese & hams sandwiches (more tapioca bread, and Boar's Head ham, which is gluten free by default. Yes, if you're wondering, gluten can be an issue even with lunch meat.)

Friday: falling apart roast (stew beef, potatoes, onions, your preferred cream of whatever [thank you, Pacific Foods] [You can find them at Harris Teeter and your local hippie co-op], onion soup mix [I prefer the organic stuff, but Lipton is what we had on hand; Lipton states that all of their stuff is gluten free by default, unless the label specifies otherwise info here]; slow cooker, high for 4 hours. Noms.)

tonight: good question. I need to go rummaging and see what we have.

Sunday: anniversary dinner at Carraba's, which has a very nice gluten free menu

Monday: salad, garlic toast leftover pot roast

Tuesday: Pad thai

Wednesday: potluck for the concert

Thursday: grilled ham & cheese and soup again, I think; that worked well, and Thursday is my long day. If I'm feeling really lazy, we'll do canned soup

Friday: nachos; I've a craving.

We've been eating a lot of fruit salad and baby carrots for fruits and vegetables lately.

For breakfasts, I've mostly been eating Rice Chex and soy milk and lots of omelets with random vegetables thrown in, and sausage. I also like oatmeal a lot. I seem to react badly to normal oats, but I've no trouble with the Bob's Red Mill ones.

For lunch, last week I ate pasta salad several days (with leftover Tinkyada); then I made up a big batch of rice and egg strips and vegetables and tuna. When I'm done with that (and that should get me through Monday), this week, I'll probably do leftovers from the anniversary dinner at least one day, leftover pad Thai one or two days, and maybe leftovers the other two days. And I grabbed a box of Imagine soup to fill in the gaps.
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