joyce (joyce) wrote,

Since we last saw our herorine...

Jeff's best friend Malcolm and his two kids are in town visiting. They rolled in Wednesday night. We cooked chicken and potatoes and sundries for dinner, and sat around and visited.

Thursday morning I packed up and headed to work. By noon, I was horrifically sick to my stomach, which is one of the few things I won't try to teach through. I cancelled my afternoon classes, called out of the board meeting, came home, and slept. I got up long enough to make everyone some food, and went back to bed.

Yesterday, I was feeling well enough to go in and teach my one class (love love Fridays). Everyone else went to the on-campus art museum while I taught. We grabbed some lunch, and came home, and did board games and hanging out and naps (I was falling asleep playing Monopoly, something I wouldn't have thought possible) and gluten-free pizza for dinner. And more sleep.

Today has been low key. Hope is up visiting, so they've been out paddleboating. I am grounded by my stomach, which once again feels like I've been kicked in repeatedly by horses (Malcolm: "You look like hammered shit.") I've been napping and WoWing. They're headed back out to swim, and I might be headed for another nap.
Tags: company, family:sisters, innards, social

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