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So, after a decent night's sleep and coffee and Rice Chex, I got my car pointed down 64 yesterday morning. I made the trip in a little over three hours, including a ten minute Sheetz stop and move-in traffic in Greenville, so that wasn't bad at all.

We made a farmer's market trip and ran by the Fresh Market and did grocery store sushi for lunch and traded cars with Jeni's mom and ran by a restaurant supply store that turned out to be a bust. We roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and cooked some green beans for dinner, and Jeni made some of the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had, gluten free or otherwise. We had a minor Supernatural marathon (she is now hooked as well) and then I passed out on the world's best couch for a pretty good night's sleep.

We're still murky on what today's plans are, but the immediate future involves caffeine.

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