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So, today I had my last mom-date for the summer, as starting Monday, I'm back on five days a week. I'd put off the planetarium from last week, so, off we went.

- Missed the turn off 54 into town. Hit the Durham city limits before realizing we'd gone too far.
+ Turned around, navigated via sign to approximately where we should be.
- ... which took us straight through campus, where move-in was occuring. Chapel Hill being one of the biggest schools in the NC system.
- and I couldn't find the parking deck I wanted to park in that I'd looked up online (because I was further east than I thought, it turned out).
- mom fussed until we tried the lot in front of the planetarium, which was, of course, full.
+ Asked the attendant for directions, found parking.
+ Made the first show we wanted to see, just in time. We got seated during the intro.
+ First show was decent, if aimed at primary school children (which, admittedly, is about right for mom).
- and thus, theater was filled with, you got it, very loud primary school children.
+ Second show was much better (and narrated by Ewan MacGregor, noms.)
- Mom started dozing off during the second one, despite me asking her very specifically if she was up to another show (we were coming up on her afternoon naptime; in fact, we'd only gotten tickets for the first show, so that we'd see how we were feeling, but she insisted she was up to it...)
+ Mom managed the walk to Noodles & Co., which is further than she's walked in awhile, yay.
+ Noodles & Co for lunch, noms.
- mom wanted to sit outside, where it was 850 degrees, so she could smoke.
- dive bombed by bees during lunch
+ didn't get stung
- mom treated me like an idiot all day
+ once I had some food and caffiene in me, I pointed out that she was treating me like I had no common sense (example: "I'm going to be gone tomorrow night to Saturday night, I'm going down to visit jeni" "Don't you have class on Friday?"), and she acknowledged that she was an apologized.

+++ Mom ended up saying that she'd had a great day, despite the lost and the heat, and so she was happy, so I was happy.

Overall, I think we came out ahead.
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