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So, today, the alarm went off at 6, and we were up shortly thereafter. You see, faecat was at GenCon in Indianapolis, relatively close to us, and we were plotting to surprise her.

We made it up in 10 hours, including bathroom stops, a library stop, and a grocery store stop. We were not displeased, though Ohio is effing boring.

We got checked in at the KOA, put up the tent, and trotted into town. Thanks to pyran, we were able to walk right into the convention center where Ginger was, and surprise her. Absolutely surprise her. :) There was dinner and socializing And then Zombie Joyce appeared, so they're gaming and we're back at the campground, where me, a book, and my air mattress are getting ready to come to a meeting.

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Tags: camping, ginger, koa, travel, travel:gencon

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