joyce (joyce) wrote,

Any day that ends with me feeling like I got a touch too much sun, and smelling of chlorine and sunblock, is a good day.

artisanal_xara came up yesterday with her little one, and the four of us grabbed some lunch and then went out to the monster pool for the afternoon. It was actually the coolest day we'd had in a couple weeks, making it funny that we were out swimming, but it was still plenty warm. The water felt great. The place was crowded, but we had fun and the little one had a ball, and it was a fantastic afternoon. After the swimming, they came back here, and we did purple, round one, on Tonya's hair. They headed home, and there was salisbury steak and mashed potatoes for dinner.

Today has been reading travel blogs, WoWing, and knitting. Life, she is good.
Tags: ate soup, social

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