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I have had nothing on the schedule since Thursday night's board… 
4th-Jul-2010 08:41 am
I have had nothing on the schedule since Thursday night's board meeting, and it's been glorious. Friday, I did a whole lot of nothing. Yesterday was a whole lot of nothing too, in between bouts of productivity. We ran out to the farmer's market in the morning; in the afternoon, we ran by the Verizon store for some plan rearranging (of which it looks like some worked and some didn't, scowl) and Office Max for office supply porn. There was Burn Notice watching and some reading and some game installing, because after a couple of years of trying, faecat has convinced me to try the World of Warcrackcraft. Nope, I don't want to group with you yet (anyone out there still playing, or have most folks stopped?), and you don't want me to - I'm not much past the "uh, so, the arrow keys move me, right?" stage. I'd resisted playing for a long time, because I know how I can be about these things (most of y'all did not know me during my IRC days, heh), but my schedule is better than it's been in awhile and she wants to play, so we'll try it. :)
6th-Jul-2010 01:53 am (UTC)
I'm still playing, actually have only been playing for about a year with long breaks during the quarter, so I still feel like the biggest newb in the world.

Fun isn't it?
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