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Food stuff: 1. In the first salvo of the "figure out precisely what… 
2nd-Jul-2010 07:42 pm
Food stuff:

1. In the first salvo of the "figure out precisely what is making me sick" battle, an ounce (1 measly ounce) of swiss cheese last night resulted in a wicked stomachache at 3am (and, incidentally, didn't even taste all that good). Right. Soft cow's cheese appears to be off the menu right now (though I still want to see if Lactaid does anything for me).

2. I tried making butterscotch pudding from the Betty Crocker cookbook yesterday, using coconut milk in a one to one sub for the cow's milk. Warm, it was delightful; cooled, it was slightly grainy and thick (still tasted good, but). Sigh.

3. The best corn muffins ever taste great with gluten free flour, gluten free corn meal, and almond milk, but suffer from structural stability issues. Xantham gum?

4. I loved this soup, Jeff found it sour, and his mom is sick and not likely to eat tonight. Sigh. I'll be freezing the leftovers for lunches this fall. It'd be better with shrimp, than the chicken.
3rd-Jul-2010 02:14 am (UTC)
I up the egg, usually, since I don't like the mouth feel from too much Xanthan.
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