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Whoops, hey, it's Friday, how did that happen.

This has been the week of evening obligations - class Monday and Wednesday night, picking Hope up from the airport on Tuesday, a board meeting last night.

Otherwise, there's been some work - class prep, grading. I'm mostly done for the summer, but Hippie College and an online class at the CC run until the end of July. There's been a little bit of housework. I'm doing some subbing for a friend next week (mm, extra cash). Monday I hung out with Faith, and she and Jeff and I went to lunch. Tuesday we ran some errands in town and I met up with someone who is finishing up an incomplete in stats. And, honestly, there's been a lot of lazy, because after the suck that was the end of spring semester, then Val being in the hospital, then summer session starting up... I was ready to spend a week not doing much besides reading and watching some TV and playing Command & Conquer.

There might be some productivity today, though. The laundry is getting scary, and my half of the office... I'm surprised we haven't lost the cats in it.
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