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So, Friday night, jeni came up. We were watching Leverage when… 
22nd-Jun-2010 09:46 pm
So, Friday night, jeni came up. We were watching Leverage when she got here, so we finished doing that, ate some chocolate tofu pudding, and visited.

Saturday morning, she had a sleep in and Jeff fixed the AC (the motor needed lubing). Val and I went out to the farmer's market, which we hadn't done in awhile. When we got back, there was lunch all around, and then we headed over to my folks' house in stages for a combination father's day and mom's birthday party. There were sloppy joes, rolls, a lot of fruits and vegetables, cupcakes, whiffleball with the 5 year old (Hope had a visitor for the weekend), and a generally good time. After it got to be time for Hope to leave, Jeni and I ran into Target and then came home, and there was more Leverage watching. Mmm, Leverage.

Sunday, there was sleeping in and breakfast and a trip into town for Earthfare and Edward McKay, where I hit pay dirt - the next two books in my vampire CIA series, which I've been waiting to get to pocket-sized paperback and instead I got cheaper in trade paper back, and a copy of The Confusion for $2. There was napping and reading, and then Jeni had to head for home.

Today was the last day of the minimester (well, technically tomorrow is, at the community college, but they have the day off to get their last assignments in). The stats finals were pretty good, their SPSS projects are looking good, I have a ton of homework to grade, but I think everyone's going to pass, which is not bad for what is one of the top three dreaded classes in the department.

I do not have to be at work at 8am tomorrow. This is lovely. :)
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