joyce (joyce) wrote,

I got:
- lettuce
- zucchini
- sweet potatoes
- maple sausage
- chicken legs; they were buy one get one, so I got enough meat for 4 meals for the three of us for 7.95
- a dozen eggs
- a box of early peaches
- a plant for my mom's birthday

Val got:
- green beans
- cabbage (for her for lunches this week)
- cucumbers

Sat Dinner at the parents' for mom's birthday and father's day – sloppy joes, homemade rolls, grapes, cantaloupe, salad, watermelon, broccoli, cupcakes
Sun Deviled eggs, fruits, vegetables
Mon Rice pasta & red sauce
Tues Salad
Wed Chicken legs in the crock pot, something with potatoes
Thurs Tacos noodles & uncheese sauce & country ham
Fri Lasagne (rice noodles, uncheese sauce) sausages & potatoes
Tags: meal planning

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