joyce (joyce) wrote,

Some cooking notes, as of late:

- Made pizza last night (I seem to do fine with mild amounts of gluten, and the gluten free pizzas mixes at the co-op... well, the words "highway robbery" come to mind, so I just made regular old wheat thin crust. It was odd to eat, after a week of no bread, but tasty.) My cheese was this uncheese sauce, and it was very good. I'll be dipped if it didn't taste like cheese, or at least, taste like a good bechamel sauce with a hint of good strong cheese. It was also a very forgiving recipe - I made a half recipe to see how it turned out, and subbed in cornstarch for the rice flour and soy milk (with a top up of hazelnut milk) for the hemp milk, used vegeterian chicken broth instead of the wine, and upped the amount of nutritional yeast, and it was amazing. All of these were reasonable subs, but I wasn't sure how the sum total was going to turn out. It was noms. (It was difficult not to sit down with the pot and a spoon.) It was creamy, rich, savory, and smooth (mostly. I messed up the roux a touch, being impatient and using too high heat.)

(Pizza, in the new world order: made a crust. Cut it into six pieces. 3 pieces got cheese, sausage, and tomato sauce for Jeff; 1 got those things, spinach, and mushrooms for Val; and 2 got my sauce, mushrooms, and spinach for me. Fiddly, but we all got just what we wanted.)

- Also made chocolate pudding last night. It was last, so we didn't have any; it hadn't set up before going to bed. This morning, it's dense and rich - almost mousse like. I skipped the chilli powder and went with a lot of nutmeg, and that's what shines through in it, but man, it's good. (Yes, I sampled the chocolate pudding at 9 this morning. What's that look for? :) )

- alterna-milk notes:
- Harris Teeter brand refridgerated soy milk: creamy, sweet (despite being the plain stuff), good in coffee, great in pu-erh and thai chai. Cooked well last night. Would get again if I only need milk and I'm closer to a HT than the co-op.
- Pacific Foods Hazelnut Milk, Original: this tastes like drinking pure ground up hazelnuts. Amazing in coffee and pu-erh.
- Pacific Foods Almond Mild, organic, unsweetened: Jeff and I both agreed that this was a bit bland. Decent in my coffee this morning, might cook well.
Tags: dairy free

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