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So, last weekend, Hope and I packed up and headed north for our cousin Sandy's baby shower. She picked me up at 8:30, but by the time we hit CVS and the grocery store, it was about 9:20 when we really got on the highway. We made good time up north, with a stop at Chik-Fil-A for lunch (props to them for not blinking at my request for a plain grilled chicken patty, and for not charging me full sandwich price for it) and rolled into my aunt and uncle's about 4:45.

Interesting things seen on the way up: a Town and Country van with diplomatic plates, and a truck with a sign that said: "God bless America, and everyone else."

My uncle fixed us an amazing dinner on Friday night: corn, rotisserie beef in a honey walnut marinade, tomoatoes, potato salad, and coleslaw. We ate, we visited, we got taken out for the best snow cones I've ever eaten, we crashed.

Saturday morning, Hope went jogging, and aunt Debbie and I took the dogs out for a sedate run. After breakfast, there were naps. :) (If you can't nap on vacation...) There were showers and lunch and present wrapping, and driving over to the baby shower. The baby shower itself was nice, but crowded, ruled by 3 misbehaving kids, and loud. Afterwards, we cleaned up from the shower, and our other aunt and uncle (the soon to be grandparents) took me and Hope and Sandy and her husband out for crabs (6 people, 3 dozen crabs, the crabs lost). We went back to Aunt Donna's house for awhile with her and Sandy and visited (Andrew had to drive back to Pennsylvania for his uniform, since he was on at midnight and had forgotten to bring it with him when he came down to the shower), and eventually Sandy headed home and Donna took us back to our other aunt and uncle's house, where we all soon fell over.

Sunday, we reversed the trip down 95. The interesting thing seen on the way home was a full military convoy, complete with guys wearing battle helmets, driving on 95.

We got 42 states, Quebec, Toronto, DC, and the diplomat plates in the license plate game.

It was a lovely weekend. :)
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