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- Every once in awhile, I make a dinner that (while everyone will eat… 
23rd-May-2010 08:12 pm
- Every once in awhile, I make a dinner that (while everyone will eat it) is mostly designed to make me happy. :) Tonight's dinner was polenta, a tray full of roasted vegetables (including garlic scapes for the first time - noms), sausage and shrimp, and tomato sauce. I'm a very happy camper right now. Bonus, I made a ton of polenta, which I'll happily eat for breakfast and lunch this week.

- I did not make it to the EOS reunion this weekend. I wanted to, I'd said I would, but after the crazy of the last couple of weeks, and the upcoming crazy that is going to be June, something (besides me) had to give. I am sorry I didn't make it out and see folks, but I am not sorry that I had two whole days to decompress and...

- go to the farmer's market and the library
- watch two discs full of Big Bang Theory
- discover the lime gin and Sierra Mist is tasty stuff
- for stats: write quiz 1, scan in Monday's homework, update Ch 4 & Ch 5 notes, build Quiz 1 review sheet, fill out examples from Friday; post all on Blackboard
- online intro: intro lesson, theory lesson, fix schedule re: syllabus quiz, graded discussion boards
- in person intro: 4 chapters worth of notes reviewed and posted (bonus: I won't have to do this in August), posted no-shows
- social problems: notes for Monday
- washed my car
- balanced my checkbook
- played a lot of plants vs. zombies
- navel gaved about what I want to do when I grow up
- slept a lot
- went on a 3 mile walk
- worked on board communications stuff

- Friday afternoon I traipsed out to Jordan Lake with artisanal_xara and her little one; I'd had to cancel our last two dates, with Val being in the hospital, and I sorely needed a couple hours of sun, water, eating Subway, and chit-chat, and low-level interaction with two people at a time (not 25 or 50)which is exactly what I got.

- I watched the first two episodes of Leverage this weekend, and totally, completely understand why folks are heads over heels for it.
25th-May-2010 11:26 pm (UTC)
I love Leverage. And Christian Kane ain't so hard on the eyes, either. Tim Hutton is living a block away from me in my friend's building; she sees him from time to time in the elevator. Another friend often runs into Gina Bellman jogging. I hope they always film it in Portland!

Garlic scapes are sooooo good!
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