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So, yesterday, through a bit of schedule convergence, I didn't have to be at work anywhere yesterday (while Community College is still in session, my Friday classes this semester were all Uni classes, and they're on exam week now). Jeff and I took advantage to go on a date. :) We did Qdoba for lunch (craft2, how I love thee), stuck our heads into the Apple store to poke at the iPad for a moment and look up movie times, since I apparently can't read a movie schedule and Fandango (which you would think would be the one website ever that would have a good mobile site) looks like crap on a Blackberry, zipped across town to the nice theater by the mall, and just made the 1:15 showing of Iron Man 2.

Trailers were nothing special - the next Shrek movie, the Last Airbender (which was pretty, but), and Super 8 (which actually might be good, trailer was interesing and it's J. J. Abrams, so... )

Iron Man 2 was terrific. :) I even ventured after the movie that it might have been better than the first one; obviously, we're going to have to go back and watch the first one. You know, in the name of science. :) It was over the top in places, but, heck, when you're watching a movie about narcissitic multi-billionaire who teched himself into being a superhero... things are going to be over the top sometimes.

There was a fair geek representation in the audience; when we got to the easter egg, there was cheering. (I turned to Jeff: "Would someone please explain to the non-comic book reading person why everyone's so excited?")

So, yes, Iron Man 2, A+, will watch again.

Next up, A-Team!
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