joyce (joyce) wrote,

farmer's market report

We haven't been farmer's marketing very much lately; by the time Saturday rolls around, I've been exhausted, and we now live closer to two of our main farmers (and their farm stores) than we do to the market, so we've been going straight to them (and the co-op). But this morning I hauled myself and Jeff's mom out, and we went marketing.

I got:

- 2 dozen extra large eggs
- strawberries (STRAWBERRIES!)
- red potatoes
- cherry tomatoes
- lettuce
- basil
- one pound each of ground beef, mild breakfast sausage, and sweet italian sausage

Val got:

- pork chops
- tomatoes
- potatoes
- more strawberries; we're going to be freezing some, I think. Or I could jam.
- asparagus

It is going to be a tasty week around here.
Tags: farmer's market

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