joyce (joyce) wrote,

(1:27:40 PM) Joyce: ok, that was kind of random.
(1:27:55 PM) Ginger!: ?
(1:28:16 PM) Joyce: Jeff said "honey, look out the window" and there was a HORSE running down the neighbor's driveway.
(1:28:20 PM) Ginger!: o.O
(1:28:29 PM) Ginger!: that never happens to ME.
(1:28:30 PM) Joyce: things that don't happen in town.
(1:29:07 PM) Ginger!: It'd be kind of funny if it DID though.
(1:29:21 PM) Joyce: we tried to get his attention and keep him in the yard and called animal control, but he wasn't wearing a harness, so no way to catch him.
(1:29:30 PM) Joyce: so he's went off trotting down the road =/
(1:29:36 PM) Joyce: animal control said they'd come out.
(1:29:39 PM) Joyce: i hope they catch him.
(1:29:46 PM) Ginger!: "Here, horse! Have some grass!"
(1:29:57 PM) Ginger!: Horse: "Nah, this grass over here looks fine. Thanks though!" *zoom*
(1:29:58 PM) Joyce: pretty much :)

I think we'll be putting the phone numbers for the sherrif's office and animal control in our phones now.
Tags: country life

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