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The quest: memorial service appropriate clean clothing. Located:… 
13th-Apr-2010 08:22 pm
The quest: memorial service appropriate clean clothing.

Located: my white camisole, the most favored black bra (woot), a whole pile of underwear (thank bob), a whole pile of other clothing that the cats had dragged under the bed.

Not located: the most favored black skirt (which I haven't seen in months and is off having love children with Jeff's socks that we can't locate either), the secondary black skirt (which is annoying, because I just washed the fracking thing so I could wear it to the service), the most favored beige bra.

Wearing: the third favored black skirt (for a woman who doesn't have to dress up much, I do own a lot of black skirts), the most favored black bra, the white camisole, the stretchy striped button down shirt. I may change back to slacks, though; it's only supposed to be 67 tomorrow.

Resolved (again) that I'm going to grown-up-up, and get the damn clothes washed and organized and put away. After May 12 (when all of my grades are due. For all 8 classes. On one day.)
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