joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today I have been...

01 - post take home test 2 7:05pm
01 - post SPSS project sheet 7:03pm
01 - write SPSS project sheet 7:03pm
Grade writing assignments 5:21pm
Grade writing assignments 5:19pm
Online: check & answer discussion boards 5:17pm
Online 210 - check & answer discussion boards 5:16pm
Hybrid - prep unit 6 5:16pm
210 hybrid - check & answer discussion boards 5:16pm
Hybrid: post out of class assignment 5:09pm
Record last hybrid quiz grades 5:09pm
F2F 101: prep class for tomorrow 4:49pm
F2F 210 - prep class for tomorrow 4:49pm
make vegetable polenta 4:37pm
make flat bread 4:37pm
plan meals for week 4:37pm
email 02 about room numbers and post on BB 3:05pm
email 02 not to come to 01 tomorrow 3:05pm
Online 101: Grade unit 4 discussion boards 2:51pm
01 - write take home test 2 12:36pm
01: finish writing tomorrow's quiz; proofread 10:43am

And, packed breakfast and lunch for tomorrow.

Tags: personal:productive

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