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ate soup, spring break edition 
14th-Mar-2010 09:49 pm

So, jeni was up visiting for a few days. Tuesday, I hung out with my mom in the morning, taking her out for a Starbucks run and doing board games. Late afternoon/early evening, I tripped down east to pick up Jeni. The only time I had to touch 40 was when it marries when 64 (and about 8 other roads). Coincidentally, my only 4 letter words of the ride came on that stretch of highway. To be fair, I did get to it around 5, but there were some asshole drivers out. Otherwise, the rest of the trip was country highways, music, and a happy Joyce.

Jeni fed us roast, mashed potatoes, and brussel sprouts for dinner, and introduced me to Sanctuary, which so far I like. huxley_boy got home from work, we all hung out some more, and eventually, I crashed out on their (extrememly comfortable) couch.

Wednesday, Jeni slept in for awhile; I stole Huxley's computer and got some work done. She got up, we breakfasted, we got her packed up, and back up the highway it was. We rolled in just in time for me to download stuff for the board meeting and zip off to it.

Thursday was Red Robin for lunch, dropping off library books, a co-op run for all the things she can't get easily/cheaply at home, Edward McKay for brain food, and home. I made beef and broccoli for dinner.

Friday, we were lazy all morning. Eventually, we wandered out to Alamance Battleground (wiki link), where we watched a short film about events there, and it stopped raining just long enough to let us look around the grounds. Alas, our camera has said its goodbyes to us, so there are no pictures.

Eventually, it started raining again. We zipped over to Homeland Creamery for ice cream and groceries, and came home to an evening of tacos, a lot of rum, and Scrabble with my sisters (well, for me).

Yesterday was mostly work (for me) and napping (for various other household parties). Huxley picked up Jeni about 4. Jeff's mom and I headed over to my parents, and watched the end of the State game (three stinking points!), and dad and I headed out to my grandparents' church to pick up take-out from the semi-annual chicken pie/bbq dinner. We saw what seemed like half our family on both sides of the aisle in line, and got in some good visiting, and brought back the food, and got some more good visiting in.

Today has been mostly work, as the reality that I have to get back to it tomorrow kicked in, but we did run into town for awhile this afternoon. Dinner was leftovers and 4 episodes of Supernatural with Ginger. :)

It's been a very, very nice spring break.
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