joyce (joyce) wrote,

- teach class on Monday
- go hiking out at the Piedmont Environmental Center (a good logical time for this would be Monday after class)
- do something fun with Jeff that explores the area: Alamance Battleground, Hagan Stone Park, Cedarrock Farm, something
- grade all the stats homework that I got handed right before break
- write the next stats quiz
- write the review sheet for the next stats quiz; post
- prep up as much of stats as possible for the rest of the semester
- prep up as much of intro as possible for the rest of the semester
- grade the unit 3 d-boards for the uni online intro
- grade writing assignments: CC, uni
- grade the unit 4 forums for cc online intro & hybrid into
- make a new recipe; it's been awhile
- clean out the fridge
- unpack some boxes
- grade papers from last semester & resolve that student's incomplete
- apply for advising job; apply for other advising job
- post about job hunting & the academic job market
- call ECSI about one last piece of student loan paperwork
- file taxes, hopefully
- replace headlight
- balance the household spreadsheet
- mail Bookmooch books
- org thumbdrive; upload to dropbox

- other to be added as the week goes along

Other than having to teach one class on Monday (effing snow), I'm free for the week. Well, free in that I don't have to go into work. We're scheduled for warm weather, at least, though the 10 day says rain Wednesday through Sunday (*scowl*).

Yesterday, Jeff came into town with me and hung out at Local Coffee Shop and wrote while I taught my two classes. We grabbed lunch at Sonic, then ran some errands. We'd intended to go for a walk, too, but Jeff's dizziness got the best of us (hi spring: allergies, congestion). We came home instead, and had an epic three hour nap, which I expect means that we were both more tired than we thought. I made lasagne for dinner (darn good, too) and then we went back to bed early with books.

And now I get to go hang out with Hope, who's in town for a wedding. Woot! :)
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