joyce (joyce) wrote,

I needed some exercise and to get outside today, despite the cold, windy weather, so we bundled up and took ourselves out to Lake Mackintosh for a walk. We weren't sure entirely what to expect, but we knew there was some kind of trail - we'd seen it passing the park going into town to run errands.

When we got there, we discovered there was a loop that had one mile and three mile options, so off into the woods we went. It ended up being not that cold - the trees broke the wind, and with the exercise, we got warm enough to take off our sweatshirts/hats/gloves for much of the walk. (Next time, small backpack, and water). It ended up being a really lovely day to be out, and we clocked right at an hour for the three miles.

Otherwise, today has been a lot of lazy (including a nap this afternoon), a bit of work, some B5 with Ginger, and tasty casserole for dinner (mix leftover mashed potatoes, corn, bratwurst; top with gravy and cheddar. Bake. Tasty.)

Tags: ate soup, exercise, outdoors

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