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Dinner last night was gnocchi. I queried on Twitter about recipes, and zhaneel graciously offered up a couple of lucious sounding ones, but they both either require modification to suit our household, or will just need to be made for me (that would be the sweet potato ones). So they're definitely on the list to try (I have this vision of bags of gnocchi and ravioli hanging out in the freezer for my lunch) but last night, I wanted simple, and so like any good foodie, I turned to Smitten Kitchen.

The last time I made gnocchi was when we were living in Raleigh, and I wasn't much of a cook yet. They were bad. Very, very bad. Most of the batch ended up in the trash, and this was not a point in our lives when we could really afford to be throwing away food. Dense, heavy, gummy. So, I approached the project last night with some trepadation, but I'm also a much better cook now. :)

They turned out well. Jeff liked them, and his mom didn't say anything, which is a pretty good night. They were still a little dense - verily, I'm out of AP flour and used bread flour, and I was afraid the extra gluten would interfere - but not badly so. I served them up with smoked sausages and tomato sauce, and the rest of the batch is waiting in the freezer for future meals. Overall, tasty, will make again.
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