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Through a quirk of scheduling, I ended up with a 4 day weekend, a week into school. I'm on a MW TTh schedule at the community college, and Fridays, I'll just be at the university. The university doesn't start until next week, though, so I don't have to be out there today. And Monday is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, and there's no classes at the community college. Boom, four day weekend.

I'll take it. First weeks leave me worn out and over-peopled, but in a good way (this time around, at least). I'm liking my classes this semester (though the vibe I was getting from the hybrid folks last night was that a lot of them weren't adequately told precisely what a hybrid class was. Which, I can understand - enrollment is up something like 25 percent, and we're not being allowed to overload classes, so things are FULL, so you see empty seats in a class, I can understand the temptation to put someone in it and say "Oh, that's a hybrid class, they'll talk about that the first day of class" but it doesn't make my life any easier). My 8am class is so far responsive and mostly, not surly at the hour, which is a welcome change from last spring. (We'll see how things are once the first week shine is wearing off.) I left class yesterday saying to myself "Wow, I love this place" before I even realized what I was doing.

The first week having gotten settled, it's time to start looking ahead to summer and fall, which is inspiring the semesterly round of angst about what I want to do with my life, but that's another post.
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