joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yay, weekend.

Friday afternoon, I went out with a friend to go unmentionables shopping (an unavoidable chore) and generally hang out. Friday night for dinner, I "roasted" a chicken in the crockpot (easiest thing ever, and it will turn out so good). Bedtime was early, since I hadn't slept much the night before (couldn't fall asleep until 1, and then was awake at 6 for no good reason).

Yesterday was a lot of productivity - mostly in organizing the kitchen, though we had a run out to Northern Tool (and it turns out NT stocks jeans in short and wide, woot) and Home Depot. It was also a lot of lazy. There was chicken pie for dinner and some Supernatural with Ginger and falling asleep pretty early.

Today there's a family lunch, and making sure my ducks are in a row for tomorrow, because classes out at the community college start tomorrow.
Tags: ate soup

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