joyce (joyce) wrote,

I'm not doing resolutions, but there are things I think I'd like to do this year. I am free to decide that I don't want to do these things, after all, at any time.

- start a garden
- exercise regularly and track what I do
- read more than this year (35 books)
- make one new recipe a month
- read 12 books that I already own
- take and post more pictures
- accumulate no library fines
Tags: 2010doing

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    it's way the hell to early to have to be awake, let alone functional. though i'd better get used to it, i have 800am classes next semester. i keep…

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    dude. i got an A+ in history. :) none of the rest of the grades are posted yet. still. woot! :)

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    i got back my last stats test today. because of the magic of extra credit, i need a 61 on my final to get an A and an 86 to get an A+. i'm amused. :)

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