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Book Author Date Finished Comments
Mrs. Pollifax and the Hong Kong Buddha Dorothy Gilman 01-01 I'm still working my way through my re-read of Mrs. Pollifax from beginning to end.
Here If You Need Me: A True Story Kate Braestrup 01-03 This book made me laugh, and cry, and laugh – often in the same chapter or on the same page. It has good things to say about love, family, religion, recovery, and the Greatwhatevermayormaynotbe.
Laughter of Dead Kings Elizabeth Peters 01-10 I am so sad that Peters seems to be done with Vicky Bliss.
The Commitment: Love, Sex, Marriage, and My Family Dan Savage 02-21 This is often sweet and often biting. The parts where he was preaching to the choir were a little bit slow; the parts I liked best were when he talked about his partner, their son, and his mom, and how their family fit together.
A Three Dog Life: A Memoir Abigail Thomas 03-02 In the same genre as Here If You Need Me, not quite as well written, still worth reading.
Murder Carries a Torch: A Southern Sisters Mystery Anne George 03-08 If you like your mysteries fun and rompy, read the Southern Sisters books (if you like the Stephanie Plum books, I think you'll like these.). Start at the beginning, Murder on a Girls Night Out.
Murder Boogies with Elvis Anne George 03-19 More Southern Sisters.
Iron Kissed Patricia Briggs 03-31 I love the Mercy Thompson series. She's what Anita Blake should have been, and I've been foisting the books at anyone who sits still long enough.
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Jennifer Rardin 04-12 Vampires, assassins, CIA agent, action plot that mostly holds together. Not as good as Anita Blake, still compulsively reading.
Strangers in Death J.D. Robb 04-14 Eminently readable, and there's about 800 of them in the series.
Another One Bites the Dust Jennifer Rardin 04-24 More Jaz Parks.
Salvation in Death J. D. Robb 05-01 More in Death.
In the Bleak Midwinter Julia Spencer-Fleming 05-11 Excellent. Heartbreaking. I want to read the rest of the series, and I'm a little scare d to, because I like Clare and Russ so much.
The Language of Bees Laurie R. King 06-10 LRK writes a lovely Holmes series. I love Russel. Start at the beginning, The Beekeepers Apprentice.
Mrs. Pollifax and the Golden Triangle Dorothy Gilman 06-23 More Mrs. Pollifax.
Promises in Death J.D. Robb 06-30 This series really does keep getting better and better.
Ex and the Single Girl Lani Diane Rich 07-07 I am a total sucker for the 'estranged Southern girl goes home, makes good' trope.
Billionaires Prefer Blondes Suzanne Enoch 07-28 Fun, fluffy, this is a good cross-genre series.
Bone Crossed Patricia Briggs 07-29 More Anita Blake.
Finger Lickin' Fifteen Janet Evanovich 08-03 A fun entry in the Stephanie Plum series. Not quite as good as Fourteen, better than many. The characters are growing, which I don't expect in my fluff (but is always nice), but it relied too much on that old chestnut, the exploding car.
Maybe Baby Lani Diane Rich 08-11 Cute, fluffy, not as good as Ex and the Single Girl (though, admittedly, that is mostly me and not the book). I liked the characters. I will be reading more Lani Diane Rich.
Greywalker Kat Richardson 08-24 Good, not great. I loved the characters, but the book got weighted down a bit in its own plot. Good enough that I have the second one out from the library, ready to go. :)
Hot Under Pressure Kathleen O'Reilly 08-29 Fun, meatier than you might expect. Nice characters. Enjoyable fluff. I'm discovering that I don't like sex so much in my books, not because I object to the sex, but because it interrupts the story.
Poltergeist Kat Richardson 09-05 Still good, still go weighted down in its own plot, but I still like the characters. So.
Murder With Mirrors Christie Agatha 09-17 Nice. Cozy. Clever.
The Family Vault Charlotte MacLeod 09-22 Nice. Good characters. Much darker than I expected. I'm eating the rest of the series like candy. Read them if you like your mysteries cozy. :)
The withdrawing room Charlotte MacLeod 10-14 These are mostly scratching the itch that, say, the Southern Sisters books or the Vicky Bliss books do. Which means that I am going to read them all very quickly and be very sad when there's no more left.
The Palace Guard Charlotte MacLeod 10-21 … and more of the same.
Underground Kat Richardson 10-25 Still weighted down by their own plot, still can't put them down.
The Bilbao Looking Glass Charlotte MacLeod 11-02 Omnomnomnom.
A Pocket Full of Rye Agatha Christie 11-13 Fun, not enough Miss Marple.
Don't Bend Over in the Garden, Granny, You Know Them Taters Got Eyes Lewis Grizzard 12-02 Lewis Grizzard always scratches the right itch.
Biting the Bullet Jennifer Rardin 12-16 More Jaz Parks. Still over the top, still tasty.
Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting Michael Perry 12-27 A lovely rumination on family, work, relationships, fatherhood.
84, Charing Cross Road Helene Hanff 12-30 Sometimes, you need a little comfy rereading.

My only reading goal for this year was that I read more than 2008 (24 books) which I did (I'm at 35 this year). 2010's only reading goal is that I read more than this year. :) (Hitting 50 would be nice, but we'll see.) Also, I've joined a group over on Library Thing that's running an off the shelf challenge for this coming year, so I'll be trying to read 12 books I already own.
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