joyce (joyce) wrote,

It was a lovely Christmas. :)

Yesterday morning was nice and low key - we got in to my parents' a little before 9:30. We opened up family gifts, then Santa gifts, then sat around and chattered until it was time to go to my aunts'. We did our normal potluck lunch, at which a lot of us tried politely not to fall asleep - a lot of us were really tired this year. (It didn't help that after a few days of sunshine, and with a week's forecast of lovely weather ahead of us, it was raining in Biblical proportions). Jeff and I ran back to our house for the supper food, and to just sit for a few minutes, then headed over to my aunt Diane's and uncle Doug's, where there was supper and more visiting and eventually Apples to Apples and Phase 10. I fell over into bed a little after midnight.

My cousin Michael made it in from California, we gave presents that seemed to be well recieved (and got some very thoughtful things, including money at both Home Depot and Lowes, and a bunch of kitchen stuff from Val, including a lovely bread board), there was a pile of good food, and we all had a good time. That is a lovely Christmas.
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    Dear LJ: Today my honey changed my oil while I drank cider and graded papers. I think I win. :)

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    Jeff has been retrieved from the airport and is on his way to work. :)

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