joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday was a good day.

Hope called in the morning, and I got a shower and got dressed and headed over to the parents' (and it takes five minutes now! Glee.) We headed into Burlington, wandered Old Navy for a bit, got her hair cut, ran some other errands, got lunch (wings and homemade potato chips, noms), wandered a bit more, then headed home for some Scrabble and Yahtzee. Then I headed home home, where Jeff and I built a compost bin. Val made dinner - beef and noodles - and we went to bed early, where I tucked up underneath my new electric blanket (so warm) and read a whole bunch of Coop.

It was a great day. And Faith will be home tonight or early tomorrow morning. Yay! :)
Tags: books, family:sisters, garden, photos

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