joyce (joyce) wrote,

tomorrow (Wed):
- go to the co-op for the last of the groceries
- make tortillas
- make the cheese ball (lunch)
- make the sausage balls; freeze (dinner)
- make the cheese straw dough; freeze (dinner)

- make the pumpkin bread (lunch)
- assemble and bake the enchiladas (pan of cheese, pan of spinach/potato) for reheating Friday evening (dinner) [changed to just cheese; I'm going to make and jar the sauce separately and combine Friday; soggy enchiladas are no good]
- make the monkey bread
- make the mashed potatoes; stow in a covered baking pan for re-heating later (lunch)

Friday morning:
- make the gravy (lunch)

Friday afternoon:
- slice and bake the cheese straw dough (dinner)

end results:
lunch: cheese ball, monkey bread, bread, pumpkin bread, mashed potatoes, gravy
dinner: sausage balls, cheese straws, vegetarian enchiladas, lunch leftovers
Tags: christmas, food

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