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We went, we saw, we conquered 
19th-Dec-2009 12:39 pm
We realized that we were out of eggs, and the roads are looking decentish, and Jeff has snow tires, and the Homeland Creamery store was open (and they're just a few minutes away; well, when it hasn't snowed), so we went out. We took slightly more back roads than perhaps we should have on the way there - they were fine, just slow - and took the slightly longer but more main road route on the way back (good call, those roads were nearly clear). We obtained two dozen eggs, 3 pounds of sausage (there are sausage balls in our future for Christmas, noms), 3 pounds of cheese (and cheese straws), a half gallon of chocolate milk, and a half gallon of eggnog.

And now we're home, where we plan on staying tucked up for the rest of the day.
19th-Dec-2009 06:05 pm (UTC)
How much snow have you guys gotten so far?
19th-Dec-2009 06:06 pm (UTC)
I'd have had a hard time guessing, but my dad who lives up the road says 3 to 4 inches. How about you guys?
19th-Dec-2009 07:31 pm (UTC)
We probably have at least a foot and a half if not more. It's up to about mid license plate on the compact cars in front. We've had 20.5 hours of snow so far. I've never seen it snow for so long at once, coming from the NW.
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