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We went, we saw, we conquered

We realized that we were out of eggs, and the roads are looking decentish, and Jeff has snow tires, and the Homeland Creamery store was open (and they're just a few minutes away; well, when it hasn't snowed), so we went out. We took slightly more back roads than perhaps we should have on the way there - they were fine, just slow - and took the slightly longer but more main road route on the way back (good call, those roads were nearly clear). We obtained two dozen eggs, 3 pounds of sausage (there are sausage balls in our future for Christmas, noms), 3 pounds of cheese (and cheese straws), a half gallon of chocolate milk, and a half gallon of eggnog.

And now we're home, where we plan on staying tucked up for the rest of the day.
Tags: local food, weather

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