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So, this week has included:

- getting my community college grades in, woot

- helping Jeff build a free-standing closet thingie for his mom

- running a fairly successful board meeting (well, until the abrupt end)

- getting in grade change forms for a couple of students

- some unpacking

- a late lunch yesterday with some grad school friends at the Mellow Mushroom, which we'd never been to before. Verdict: tasty. Good pesto bread. I really liked the pizza crust; Jeff was not so much in favor.

- taking my mom to the grocery store at 6:30 last night, because dad was at a retirement dinner and she was worried about the weather and she wanted to finish baking. I didn't believe in the weather until we got behind a salt truck.

- working on prep for the spring

- snow. And it's only mid-December.

- Torchwood

and, shortly, hot ghostbuster watching with Miss G. Overall, it's been an okay week.
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