joyce (joyce) wrote,

We've eaten some good stuff this week.

- I threw together a chicken soup with boxed broth, some leftover tortellini, the meat off of some leftover drumsticks, frozen broccoli, and udon noodles this week. Took about 15 minutes, including cooking time, and it was awesome.

- I found the chickpeas, so we had a round of chickpea patties Tuesday night. Noms. With green beans, corn, and roasted potatoes, these were are so good and you don't miss a meat main dish.

- Tonight, I made a half batch of cheese straws, to test drive them for Christmas. They could have been a little skinnier (I have no idea where the rolling pin is, other than in a box somewhere with the rest of my life), but they're really good. We've eaten a third of the pan, and the main course isn't out of the oven yet. They're so getting made for Christmas, either as straws or crackers, with the sharpest cheddar I can find.
Tags: cooking

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