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I woke up yesterday with sore muscles, a scratchy throat, aching sinuses, and a runny nose. I got grades in, ran some ill-advised errands, came home, napped for an hour and a half, got up long enough to make some dinner, chatter at faecat a bit, stare bleary-eyed at the screen for a bit, and be asleep again by nine. I slept like the dead until 7, and didn't get up (reluctantly, even) until 7:30.

So, I've been up for two and a half hours. I've stared bleary eyed at the screen, had some coffee, made breakfast... and I'm ready to take another nap. Sigh.

We're going to head out to the farmer's market and the co-op, and then I think there is another nap in my future. At least my body waited until almost the end of the semester for this.
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