joyce (joyce) wrote,

I can't grade any more essays. I'm almost done, anyhow, but they are all running together at this point. I should be able to easily finish tomorrow before grades are due.

So I'm thinking about

- for us, for Christmas morning, cinammon rolls (on second thought, maybe not. I want to make these, but Jeff isn't much for sweets, so he'll eat one; his mom can't eat any; and I do not need to eat the whole pan. Sigh.)

- for lunch at the aunts: maybe a cheese ball, mashed potatoes & gravy, baguettes or homemade crackers or flatbread

- for dinner at Aunt Diane and Uncle Doug's: something vegetarian, for I might be meated out by then - vegetarian enchiladas, maybe? ( And I'd love to try making cheese straws this year. I've also been threatening bacon wrapped dates. And I think I want to make the crescent roll cheese spinach thingies. Sausage balls. Pumpkin bread.

- and in general, I'd love to make peppermint bark, chocolate bark, and take my first crack at a nut brittle
Tags: christmas

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