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haircut Originally uploaded by joyce.clappI took mom to get… 
4th-Dec-2009 06:19 pm

Originally uploaded by joyce.clapp
I took mom to get her hair cut this afternoon, and got myself shorn while I was at it. It is awfully short, but 1) I like it that way and 2) I wanted to give myself more time until my next hair cut.

I was awfully shaggy; they took a couple of inches off the back.

Note to self: #2 guard on the back, then 3 and 4 tapering up, shears on top. I told her I didn't want anything longer than 3/4 of an inch on top. Now I know exactly what to ask for. :)
5th-Dec-2009 07:46 pm (UTC)
Very cute. :)
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