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Yesterday morning, we got in another gargantuan load of stuff (we're three people, one of whom is 70; we do have a lot of stuff). My cousin Andrew works from 2:00 to 11:30, but since he doesn't work on Thursdays, he was able to go to bed early, so he was able to help us early yesterday morning (I hope he's sleeping well and long this morning). My dad and Hope and Faith also came over. We got bookshelves, the chest freezer, the freaking heavy washing machine (all hail the appliance dolley), and so forth and so on.

After that, they all had to scoot. Our install window for the internet was from 1 to 5, so we were housebound. The install dudesie showed up at 12:55 (seriously, I've never had anything but awesome customer service from Time Warner). He had to do some wire running (and there will be a crew out next week to bury it), but he was done by about 3:30, and obviously, the Internet works at the new place. Meantime, we put bookshelves into place, talked kitchen arrangement, and stuff. After the install dudesie had left1, we went back to the other house and grabbed a load of computers and a table to put them on and some stuff from the fridge. We stopped by the grocery store for a couple of things, and were halfway to the new house when I said "Dear, did we grab the cable modem?"2 After a long moment of silence, we got back on 40 headed into Greensboro, went back to the old house, and grabbed the modem and wireless routers we'd forgotten. We eventually got home, got the computers unloaded and set up, and cooked tacos for our first dinner in our new home (Wednesday night and Thursday night [obviously] we cooked over at the parents'.) I watched an episode of Supernatural with faecat, we put together one of the futon frames to get me off the floor (bed shopping will happen this week), and I faceplanted.

This morning, there has been coffee and breakfast and internetting and checkbook balancing, and soon, there will be more cleaning and more moving. The only solace at this point is that 1) we have a lovely house that is OURS and 2) by hook or crook, the moving will be done by Monday evening.

1. Poor guy left his drill charger, so I need to call TWC on Monday and figure out how to get it back to him.
2. Since it was a transfer of service, we're reusing the old equipment, which means not having to stand in line to take back the old one at the TWC billing center, which I'm all in favor of not having to do.
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