joyce (joyce) wrote,

Thanksgiving went well. We have it down to an art, at this point.

We had...

- pre-dinner munchies of chex mix, made by mom, and Boy Scout caramel corn. This year, the chex mix it had no peanuts, so it was 1000 times better than normal, and it's normally damn good as is.

- turkey. 14 pounds, into the electric roaster at 1:30 at 350 degrees, down to 300 degrees at 2:00, over temp but still nice and moist at 4:45. Perfect. I love the electric roaster.
- cranberry sauce from a can, jelled, the way mom likes it.
- stuffed mushrooms that Faith made. Always incredibly tasty.
- Hope's sweet potato casserole. Nomnomnoms.
- mashed potatoes. We ended up with leftovers, because I flubbed the liquid-potato ratio at the end and had to nuke some more potatoes, but not nearly as many leftovers as last year.
- sauerkraut from a can.
- corn from a can.
- fresh broccoli, boiled until just tender. I forgot to make the cheese sauce. Still tasty.
- gravy. I actually remembered to use the turkey drippings/juices this year, and surprise, it was really really good. Bunch of butter, enough flour to make it into a roux, and then all of the drippings/juices. Nice.
- jello and applesauce salad, that Val made. Hope really liked it, I was okay on it, I'm not sure about everyone else.
- some kind of green salad that mom made involving cream cheese, pistachio pudding, marshmallows, whipped cream, and pineapple. I loved it, mom liked it, I'm not sure about everyone else.
- stuffing from a bag, jazzed up with onions and celery, that Val made. Tasty. :)

Hope made the sweet potato casserole in the morning, and Faith made the stuffed mushrooms sometime in the afternoon, which is when Val made the stuffing. The jello and pudding salads were made the day before. We got the turkey in about 1:30, then played games. The potatoes went on to boil at about 4, everything that needed oven space (mushrooms, sweet potato casserole, stuffing) went in at 4:30, the broccoli got cut up and boiled somewhere in there, the cans opened and things nuked, the turkey came out and Hope carved it, and we were dishing up by 5:15. Perfect.

Everything was tasty, we didn't spend too much time running around last minute, we didn't cook all day, and no one person worked too much. We had leftovers, but not excessive amounts. The only thing mentioned missing that someone would have liked to have had would have been dinner rolls, so they go back on the island next year. Otherwise, it was a great meal and a perfect day.
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