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So, this morning we fixed my car, starting with replacing the fuel… 
22nd-Nov-2009 09:18 pm
this land
So, this morning we fixed my car, starting with replacing the fuel pump. (Well, I say "we". In the interest of full disclosure, I mostly held tools and flashlights. Jeff is the one who got to dig around in the gas tank wearing latex gloves.) It still didn't turn over. It'd crank, and it sounded like it was thinking really hard about starting, but wouldn't. Finally, in puzzlement, Jeff started pulling spark plugs and verifying that they were sparking. He turned the ignition with them all out, then put them back in (and now I know how easy that is), and... then the car started.

Current working theory is that on Monday, when I tried to start my car, the "you're almost out of oil, you moron" (which is a bit concerning - I was almost out, it turns out; we checked that over the course of the week too) system kicked in and killed the start. However, the couple of seconds it was trying to start flooded the engine, which apparently you're not supposed to be able to do in a fuel-injected car.

I console myself with the idea that the fuel pump will now outlive the car.

Meanwhile and during and a couple of phone calls later, we decided to try to beat the rain and get a load in my cousin's freaking huge truck before the rain came down. He came over, we loaded up his car and Jeff's, and we zoomed over to the new house. His parents came over, we got unloaded, and we gave them the nickle and dime tour. They proposed coming over here to get another load while we worked on breakers, but we had no idea where to tell them to get started, so we sent them home, and we're glad we did - it started coming down about 15 minutes later.

We got some breakers hooked up - we're down to the two new breakers we need to add to finish the living room and do the kitchen and bathroom - and then packed up and came home.

Nice, productive day. Tired joyce.
23rd-Nov-2009 05:12 am (UTC)
It is possible to flood fuel injected cars. I've done it before. Supposedly turning off and holding the gas for a few helps clear it out.

At least the car works now hopefully. :)
23rd-Nov-2009 11:38 am (UTC)
Works now, yup. But that was the weird thing, we tried turning it out off and on all week as we were diagnosing it, which makes me wonder if we managed to fix something else too.
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