Today we did the farmer's market in the morning, and then took some… 
21st-Nov-2009 09:29 pm
Today we did the farmer's market in the morning, and then took some more stuff over to the new house. We continued to work on wiring - most of the main floor is rewired now, thanks to what we did today and what Jeff has done this week. We just need to wire the fridge and the bathroom outlet onto one breaker, and attach the breakers tomorrow morning, and the main floor *should* be done.

Mid-afternoon, one of our favorite cousins (well, my dad's cousin's wife) came by the house, since she was out delivering something or the other from a church drawing. She was pleased at the house, and pleased for us. As a volunteer firefighter, she seemed happy with our wiring efforts (woot) and very unhappy with the former wiring (it's not a good sign when a firefighter makes faces continually, mutters about code, and says something about God looking out for children and idiots.) It was great big fun to show off the house, and simply lovely to see her.

We were set for a 1 to 5 delivery window for our (new!!) stove and fridge. The Lowes' delivery guys called at 5:15 to say that they were coming, but they were in Madison (a good 45 miles north and west of us). They rolled in at 6:15. They had to take the doors off the fridge to get it into the house. By the time everything was in and unpacked and put back together, it was 7:15.

Luckily, Jeff's mom took it upon herself to make dinner tonight. That was a very nice surprise, especially since we were hours later than we expected.

We're supposed to be moving big stuff tomorrow, but the forecast is "High: 48°F RealFeel®: 43°F, Chilly with considerable cloudiness; rain overspreading the area in the afternoon". I don't want to haul around my 60 year old dad and uncle and aunt in that weather, so we're postponing. Dad said he could help some this week (I love my family) and we can get big stuff next Sunday, too.

So, tomorrow before the weather opens up, we'll replace the fuel pump in my long suffering car, load up with more stuff, and go work on the breakers.

I am so glad this is a short week.
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