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Also, the to-do list just grew. - get very large cashier's… 
11th-Nov-2009 09:30 am
Also, the to-do list just grew.

- get very large cashier's check, once I'm notified of the correct settlement amount
- close. Sign lots and lots of paperwork.
- show mom the house
- - reserve U-Haul trailer for the 22nd revised plans, here
- query long suffering family about moving help on the 22nd revised plans, here
- schedule carpet cleaners to come in to old house
- arrange for power transfer (cut off at old house on the 30th, cut on at new on the 13th)
- arrange for propane service
- arrange for trash service [going to haul off on this one and haul our own for awhile]
- arrange for internet / ask Jeff's mom if she still wants cable
- get gas at old house cut off
- get water at old house cut off

- change of address:
- library
- driver's license
- voter reg
- the community college and the university
- both credit cards
- credit union
- student loans
- Verizon
- Amazon
- file mail forwarding with USPS for me

- buy a fridge
- buy new bed (! :) )
- order hot plates bought a stove, instead
11th-Nov-2009 06:52 pm (UTC)
Welcome to the joys of homeownership. :) Your to-do list is going to be ever-growing now.
11th-Nov-2009 08:19 pm (UTC)
Dude. I'm going to print this out for when we close :)

Oh, and hey, congratulations!
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