joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's Veterans Day.

Thank you to my grandfather, my dad's cousins, and my grandad's brothers and grandma's brothers and brothers-in-law. Thank you to my uncles, and my cousins. Thank you to the multitude of veterans that pass through my classes at the community college every year (and are usually my best, most involved, most driven, most curious, most academically prepared students.) Thanks to stagger_lee77.

I might not always agree with our government, or its actions, or going to war, but that does not mean that I'm not grateful to our veterans.

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    In honor of today's events, my subconcious treated me to nightmares about failing classes all night. Stupid brain. :)

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    What I need to do to graduate, a list by Joyce, age 29: - finish reading Madhumalati (currently on p. 110 122 136 156…

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