joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today's progress on the [cryptic] front: all of the paperwork was sent off to the Big Bad Decision makers yesterday. One of them called today: One of the very important pieces of paper did not have Year to Date information on it. Cue the cancelling of a class (they're seniors, and they have a test Wednesday - trust me, they were grateful), going home, and digging for this month's piece of paper that did have YTD info on it, getting finished getting packed for this weekend, rushing off, faxing said piece of paper, and getting on the road. It was a stupid busy day.

Anyhow, we eventually got on the road. This weekend is the first big wedding out of all the cousins on my dad's side of the family (there was a courthouse wedding, her brother) and we are all converging. My sisters are out with our local cousin and his brother, who is stationed out in Cali and whom we never get to see. However, I'm tired, Jeff's tired, I'm this side of cranky from ye old life stress lately, so we are peacefully sacked out in the hotel room. I'm going to get some sleep soon, and then we will see everyone in the morning.
Tags: cpaat, family, road trip, social, travel

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