joyce (joyce) wrote,

We have a planned Taco Bell date tonight. Otherwise, we could do...

- salad
- something from one of the vegan cookbooks
- homemade manicotti
- bratwurst & potatoes (ooh, Greek lemon potatoes?)
- chickpea patties from the freezer and sides
- goulash or soup from the freezer & rolls

Also, I should make yogurt and work on the granola from the freezer for breakfast. Lunches, I grabbed a box of french onion soup and some crackers, on sale at the co-op, to take to the uni and leave there; Tuesday/Thursday at the CC I'll take leftovers or chickpea patties from the freezer.

Sat: Taco Bell
Sun: chickpea patties, cheese bread, salad
Mon: Chef's salad
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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