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Thanksgiving is not that far away, and life is going to be a zoo… 
24th-Oct-2009 11:31 am

Thanksgiving is not that far away, and life is going to be a zoo between now and then.

This year will be mom and dad and the sisters and Jeff and my mom's brother. And presumably Andrew for lunch, like last year.

So, looking at last year's food report, we might do...

- chex mix, sausage balls, spinach balls, and stuffed mushrooms for munching all day. I wouldn't mind making a cheese ball, either, but that might be too much. Then again, that would be good day after eating.

- turkey

- mashed potatoes and gravy, of which I made too much last year

- Hope's sweet potato casserole

- sauerkraut, cranberry sauce, and corn from a can; mom's home

- broccoli (do we need to do cheese sauce?)

I'm not sure what to do about bread, since the rolls I made last year didn't go over so well. Maybe the best corn muffins in the world? Or cheese straws? I need to remember that Thanksgiving rejects have a place during the rest of the holidays.

And for dessert, I'll see if mom wants to make a pecan pie. I'm done trying to make pumpkin roll for holidays until I get enough practice that it turns out right consistently for non-events. Maybe I'll see if mom wants to make some fudge, or maybe we'll do the easiest cheesecake ever, or maybe chocolate death pie.

Any comments from the peanut gallery? :)
25th-Oct-2009 03:01 am (UTC)
yes we need cheese sauce for the broccoli and just a reminder. We probably will not get an Andrew since his parents live here now. Do you keep forgetting that? ~ Hope
25th-Oct-2009 11:58 am (UTC)
No, I don't keep forgetting that. But last year he ate lunch with us and dinner with that side of the family, and I thought, even with his folks here, that he might do the same thing, knowing Andrew. He likes to hang out with everyone if he can. :)
25th-Oct-2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
Gotcha! That would be cool!
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