joyce (joyce) wrote,

We got hit by the insomnia stick last night; Jeff has been up since 2:30, and I've been up since 4:30. I see naps in our future. We decided that, since we were awake, we might as well go ahead and head out to the farmer's market (it opens at 6).

It was really nice to be out that early. The market wasn't jam packed yet, and our favorite vendors weren't worn out and busy (which, we want them to be busy, but...) so we got nice long chats in. While I don't want insomnia every weekend (I say, as if I get much choice in the matter), it was nice to get to the market this early for once.

We ended up with:

- salad greens
- potatoes
- garlic
- 2 dozen eggs
- ground beef
- chicken thighs
- breakfast sausage
- 2 packages of bratwurst
- basil
- hummus

possible meals this week:

- salad
- teriyaki and udon noodles
- something from one of the vegan cookbooks
- steak, shrimp, and grit cakes
- tacos
- homemade manicotti
- bratwurst & potatoes (ooh, Greek lemon potatoes?)

[eta] reality:

Saturday: steak, shrimp, salad, cheesy grits cakes. Noms. :)
Sunday: teriyaki and udon noodles
Monday: homemade chili cheese fries
Tuesday: made breakfast calzones. Good idea, but I screwed up the dough with too much salt, something I haven't done in awhile. Will make again.
Wednesday: Macaroni Grill. Indulgent, but so tasty.
Thursday: leftovers, since I was at school until 10
Friday: tacos!
Tags: cooking:menu_planning, farmer's market, food, insomnia

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