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Also, I think I've perfected the last minute rolls. A couple four… 
17th-Oct-2009 08:45 pm
food, cooking
Also, I think I've perfected the last minute rolls.

A couple four hours before you want to eat, mix 2 cups of flour, 1 tbs sugar, 1 tbs or so of oil, 1/2 teas salt, and 2 teas yeast. Add enough water to get everything wet but not sloppy, and kneed just enough to bring everything together and get the dough into a nice ball. Put a little oil into the bowl, roll the ball around in it until it's covered, put a lid on the bowl, put it in a warm spot, and ignore it until the dough doubles or a couple hours or both.

Stick your fingers into the ball so it deflates, and roll the dough gently into rough balls (I got nine out). Set them out on a cookie sheet or into some other kind of pan (I used the Calphalon loaf pans) so that they're close but not quite touching; the second rise will take care of that. Stick them into the oven and ignore them until half an hour before you want to eat. Turn the oven to 400 and pull them out when they look done. They're light and tasty, for about 5 minutes worth of work.
18th-Oct-2009 04:01 am (UTC)
I always think, with bread so cheap and easy to make, why would you bother with buying it. But then I never make bread, and always buy it.

Maybe I'll try this one. Sounds kind of fool proof.
18th-Oct-2009 07:08 pm (UTC)
Wow. These sound soooo good. I am totally printing this out for Dave (who does all the baking).
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