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For various and sundry reasons (not the least of which is that they're pretty full), we'd like to do some more eating out of the freezers (large one with the fridge upstairs, chest freezer downstairs) for the next couple of months, which means knowing what's in them. This gives me a chance to pin the inventory somewhere, and I know I'm not the only person who enjoys this kind of nosy list, so...

meat: leftovers: veggies/fruit: other:
1 package of chicken drumsticks enchiladas of questionable goodness half a container of frozen strawberries half a container of granola
1 package of country ham, slices lots of chickpea patties most of a bag of peas 3 pita breads
1 package of country ham, large dice several tupperware containers of goulash and beef stew, though it's hard to tell what's what, with a bonus container of Albondigas soup lots of bananas 2 vegetarian sausages
2 packages of pork chops 2 containers of (I think) French onion soup half a bag of cranberriesa half a loaf of homemade bread
1 italian sausage, freezer burnt? 2 tupperware containers of muffins, homemade half a bag of mixed vegetables much Marketspice tea
2 package of pork ribs roast of questionable vintage
2 bags of cheese bread from Harris Teeter
1 package of industrially farmed pork steaks

4 frozen blueberry waffles
small package (½ pound) cube steaks

1 container, lime juice concentrate
.615 pound ribeye

.5 pound New York Strip

part of a bag of shrimp

1 pound scallops

small amount of uncooked stew beef

cooked ground beef

Tags: cooking, food, lists

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