joyce (joyce) wrote,

I think this is a week for making a list of stuff we could make, and picking from the list, rather than assigning something to a night. So...

- stew and rolls for dipping
- salad. lots of salad.
- teriyaki and udon noodles
- something from one of the vegan cookbooks
- homemade pizza
- meat, potatoes, salad
- something warm and casserole-y - lasagna, Juan Pedro pie, something like that

We also want to eat out of the freezer for awhile, which means taking inventory. Meep.

[eta] reality:

Saturday: chicken and garlic stew
Sunday: leftovers
Monday: homemade calzones
Tuesday: frozen pizza and apple wedges
Wednesday: Waffle House
Thursday: corn and potato chowder. noms.
Friday: baked cheesy rigatoni, cheese
Tags: cooking:menu_planning

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