joyce (joyce) wrote,

Don't tempt me
I'm where I wanna be
'Cause on the eighth day
God made sweet tea

A couple of weeks ago, artisanal_xara emailed me and said "Hey, Cravin Melon is playing, we both used to like them a lot, we should go."

I get to a concert every couple of years, at the most - I told Tonya last night that the last concert I'd been to in a bar-like setting was a couple of Phokus shows in Seattle, but I realized on the way home that that was incorrect - a friend had tickets to Squirrel Nut Zippers that needed using in my first year of grad school. So, it's not something I do often. Part of it is because I'm cheap, part of it is being so smoke intolerant anymore, part of it is having trouble hearing what they're saying/singing in a live show half the time. But, this sounded like a good time, so I checked the venue's smoking policy (upstairs only), decided it sounded tolerable, and we got tickets.

I got out of work about 3 on Friday - I'm done teaching at 2, but I had to take movies back and collect projects for the academic probation folks and blah blah stuff. I got the car pointed down 64 - I avoid driving on 40 if at all humanly possible, and 64 is a hell of a lot prettier and more pleasant than 40 at any time of day, but especially on a sunny Friday afternoon. I got in around 4:45. We played outside with the kidlet and talked to her neighbors, then made tasty chicken tacos for dinner, then got dressed (I skipped the girling up and wore my "These are not the breasts you are looking for" t-shirt, jeans, and Tevas), and headed off into Raleigh. My newly developed sense of direction came in handy, and we found the venue with a minimal amount of circling blocks on one way streets.

There weren't a whole lot of folks there, so we got our requisite one tasty beverage for the evening (I'm cheap, she was driving), grabbed a bench, and people watched and chatted. The openers (Mark Kano and Mike Garrigan) finally got on stage about 930, and they were actually really really good. I'd never heard of them before, but it was just them and two guitars and their voices, and 1) they had sweet voices and 2) since it was just them and their voices and their guitars, I could understand what they hell they were singing. They did a cover duet of "Won't Back Down" that was just fantastic.

They were on for about 45 minutes, did one song with Cravin Melon, and then we had a break. Then Cravin Melon came back on, and that was just a lot of fun. They were having way too good a time up on the stage (including an amusing cover of "No Woman No Cry"). "Sweet Tea" was, in theory, the last song of the show, but they came back about three times.

Eventually, they did finally get off the stage (they were great, but it was way past my bedtime). We got on the road, somehow missed 40 and ended up in Garner, found Tryon Road, and eventually got home. I passed out on their couch.

This morning was omelets and hash browns and conversation, and eventually I had to leave, with a stop by Trader Joe's and then a stop by campus to pick up projects to grade.

So that was my big fall break road trip. It was fun, but man, am I feeling old today. :)
Tags: road trip, social, tonya, travel

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